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Anonymous asked:
u gurls went to prison? da heck?

yeh i thot u heard it was on the news and errythin

but british news so maybe not i mean were only a small (sexy) island tbh

but yeah we were runnin around with tsunku masks on stabbing ppl n shouting ILL MAKE UR OSHI GRAJATE

so we got arrested n put in a speciaru generashon prison cell

hav a naisu day day day


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Anonymous asked:
where u been?

we all had 2 do some tiem in prisun

we been a v bad gurl

hav a naisu day day day

yosderp xox

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erry1 with Twitter should go on and make play around with song lyrikzs, tag it #morningmusumeproblems 

wer leavin impact on the hole h!p fandom broz. do it.


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